15 point restoration program

All these telephones are fully tested and have electronic microphone fitted to eliminate poor transmission and crackles etc. They will work to both dial out and receive perfectly. In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your purchase I offer a full refund if you contact me within 7 days of arrival. I take most cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others.

when I get a telephone in for restoration and sale it is goes through these stages.

1/ All the plastic parts are removed.

2/ These parts are cleaned inspected and any light scratches removed.

3/ The plastic parts are then polished to an as new shine.

4/ Any damaged plastic parts will be replaced if damaged or faded beyond a good usable condition.

5/ The line in cord is always replaced with a new good quality lead.

6/ The curly handset cord is inspected and replaced if not to a good standard.

7/ The dial is removed and stripped down (700 Series and Trimphone)

8/ The dial is then cleaned and oiled. (700 Series and Trimphone)

9/ The contacts are removed from the dial and cleaned. (700 Series and Trimphone)

10/ The dial is reassembled and set up to the correct speed to allow perfect working on BT and cable systems.

11/ Finally the telephone is fully reassembled and plugged into a special line simulation tester.

12/ The telephone is then fully tested to dial out and receive perfectly and and any faulty parts found are replaced.

13/ Once sold it is fitted with the customers dial label information.

14/ Plugged into my BT line and tested to make sure in perfect working order before being sent out.

15/ It has its final test and then packed into a specially manufactured box to make sure it arrives to you in the condition it left me.